A great start to the Fall!

16 Oct

The year’s music appreciation classes in the UNRWA schools in Qalandia, Jalazon and Al Amari began this week, and Ibrahim and Freya have been teaching the children basic body percussion techniques in order to explore co-ordination and rhythm. In addition they have been introducing the flute recorder as an instrument in class and been exploring group pitch and rhythm games, such as having half the class clap beats 1 and 2 of a bar, and the other half play beats 3 and 4 as notes on recorder. They also looked at dynamics; a miscellany of animals including cats, dogs, lions, tortoises, mice, gazelles and cows have been imitated over the past few days to demonstrate differences in speed, pitch and volume!

Iyad Staiti playing oud for the students

 In Iyad’s Sunday session the use of the oud had a significant effect on the group listening skills; the children loved listening to him play so much that they remained completely still – transfixed by the music – for a good few minutes, which is close to a miracle when it comes to 6 year olds! They also enjoyed imitating pitches on the oud by singing and copying rhythms by clapping. 

A child sits transfixed by the music


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