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The Dialogues between violin & oud

5 Feb

We are pleased to share a video with you highlighting our project activities! The video includes interviews with students, teachers and staff, as well as beautiful moments from the classroom, workshops, and performances. Enjoy it and please share with friends!


Toolkit on Music Education now available for upload in English & Arabic

5 Feb

The toolkit on music education can be found and downloaded under the materials section here:

Dialogues between violin & oud

3 Feb

The final event was a huge success for both students, their families and teachers.  The Ramallah Cultural Palace was filled with wonderful energy and support from the community last Saturday.  The children performed remarkably well and we are very proud of them for their accomplishments and their eagerness, discipline, determination and love for their music and their peers.


Sadeel singing with Jenin Oriental group and the children’s choir


Jason rehearsing the Jenin Orchestra


Sadeel singing with the camps choir